Tesco Express poses the greatest danger to the independent sector due to its strong brand, financial clout and the fact that it has the best convenience offering of the major multiples.
That’s the view of the members of The Grocer Top 50 on our Reader Panel this week.
Just over three-quarters viewed Tesco as the biggest threat. One independent said Tesco “leaches business away from a larger area than any of the others, jeopardising a greater number of independents.” And over 45% of those polled said Tesco Express had the best convenience offering with 27% opting for Sainsbury’s Local.
While some thought the Co-op had the best convenience offering (27.3%), over half said it had the worst c-store operation.
All polled were concerned at the multiples’ thirst for more acquisitions. “We can’t compete with the acquisitive clout of the multiples,” said one. “The typical market price of a worthwhile c-store has at least doubled in the last 18 months.”