Within the Co-operative Group, the soft drinks sales trends we noticed in 2006 have continued into 2007 and we have observed similar purchase patterns.

Our latest 52 weeks value figure of 14% growth has outperformed the total market, which grew by 8.5% in comparison.

Sales through the multiple grocers increased by 8.7% and through total impulse channels by 8.2%.

Breaking this down into sub-categories, the main growth is from bottled water, sports and energy drinks, and also the juice and juice drinks category.

This year, so far these trends have continued. We have also seen growth in both lemonade and cola but there has been a continued decline in fruit carbonates.

These trends will be reflected in The Co-operative stores through space re-alignment on both the ambient and chilled drink fixtures as the sectors of water, sports, energy and juice drinks claim a higher share.