The main story dominating the papers last weekend was news that Wal-Mart has pulled out of Germany, leaving Asda as its only European ­outpost. The Times reported that the American company stood to lose £536m following its abrupt decision to quit Germany. However, it was not all bad news as The ­Telegraph claimed that Wal-Mart was planning to make its first acquisition in ­Australia. The Cadbury saga failed to die down, with many papers picking up our story about the cost of the salmonella scandal to the company ahead of its interim results on Wednesday (2 ­August). The ­Financial Times claimed the chocolate manufacturer could have lost up to £40m following the product recall in June, with The Telegraph going for a slightly more ­conservative £20m. ­According to the Daily Mail, Lion ­Quality Eggs has ­developed a self-timing egg for ­boiling, with an ­invisible ink logo that appears on the shell when the egg is cooked. The company apparently ­created the ­system after being flooded with ­queries from customers who did not know how to boil an egg properly. Despite being at the tail end of the hottest July on record, Waitrose reported a 9% rise in sales of fake tan, according to The Telegraph, with footballers wives' favourite, Fake Bake, up 300%. And the most bizarre story came from the Financial Times, which revealed that France's headbutting former football captain Zinedine Zidane had been tipped as a non-executive director for Danone.