The debate over Tesco's shopping bag reward scheme hotted up over the weekend as the retailer came under fire from environmental campaigners for its scheme to reward customers with Clubcard loyalty points if they reuse its shopping bags. According to The Daily Express, this should cut the number of bags it hands out by 25% over the next two years, resulting in a billion fewer bags a year. In The Independent, however, environmental campaigners described the move as nothing more than clever PR spin. It quoted Friends of the Earth supermarket campaigner Sandra Bell saying: "This is typical of the greenwash that Tesco has been churning out over recent months." She noted that, even if Tesco met its target, it would still be handing out three billion bags a year. The Guardian put this figure into perspective by pointing out that Asda and Sainsbury's currently hand out just 1.8 billion and 1.6 billion bags respectively. Tesco's Clubcard scheme was also under the spotlight in The Sunday Express, which exposed a scam involving money-off codes that had forced the retailer to alter its web site to stop unscrupulous shoppers using the codes more than once to gain discounts. And supermarket loyalty cards hit the pages of the weekend press for a third time as The Observer revealed details of Gordon Brown's ID cards project, which could see police alerted instantly if a wanted person attempted to use their loyalty card.