Shares in Tesco climbed to a record high at the weekend, according to the nation's broadsheets. The news came amid talk of the imminent launch of the retailer's new homewares catalogue, which is predicted to add an extra £1bn to its already impressive sales. ­Sainsbury's was in demand too, said The Guardian, which pointed out that "people are still going to buy baked beans despite terrorist threats". The Mail on Sunday reported that ­Morrisons was likely to be saddled with its current 'More reasons' ad campaign until after Christmas. It claimed the chain's new ad agency could not ­create an alternative campaign in time for the big seasonal trade battle. The cost of bread was a concern for The Telegraph and The Sun, which followed up a story broken in The Grocer (12 August) about an expected rise in prices. Increased energy prices and poor harvests were blamed for pushing up flour prices. Meanwhile, last week's news that a quarter of India's 28 states have banned the sale of Coca-Cola and ­PepsiCo drinks, on the grounds that they use contaminated water, was followed by a report in The Observer that the EU was likely to refer India to the World Trade Organisation if it did not agree to remove 'unfair' tariffs on drinks imports by the end of next month. The Sunday Telegraph reported that a 20-site Mumbai dry run for India-based Reliance Retail was expected to extend to 5,000 outlets across the subcontinent.