The soya market is very stable, but the NPD and the customer understanding aren't there. Whether this understanding and demand grows will be dependent on health trends, especially trends moving away from dairy.

At Asda we think having three portions of dairy a day is beneficial for strong bones and teeth, as well as a good source of vitamins and nutrients. However, we understand that some customers have intolerances; therefore we always ensure that a good range of soya products is available.

Product-wise, Alpro kids' products are doing well, on the back of growing reported allergies. The Alpro ambient desserts in our free-from range are also doing very well.

Most suppliers see the free-from range as being wheat or gluten-free but the Alpro soya lines have shown that milk-free products play a big part. Suppliers need to replace the milk in free-from products with soya so that we are able to cater for more allergies and intolerances with the same products. The dairy-free chocolate is a great example of this.