Grocery mentions on popular TV programmes continued unabated this week with Tesco Metro being named Britain's gayest supermarket. The revelation came on BBC1's Johnny Vaughan Tonight as the show's camp crusader Gay Gordon listed his favourite places to shop. Asda, according to Gordon, was "far too heterosexual" while Tesco's Metro format provided just the right mix for the late-night gay shopper. Apparently, it's by far the best place to meet like-minded men. Meanwhile, another of Johnny's guests this week was actor Anthony Stewart Head. Who he?' I hear you cry. Why, none other than Mr Gold Blend', a helpful Mr Vaughan informed us. What with supermodel Helena Christensen's diatribe on Walkers Crisps during last week's edition of So Graham Norton, Britain's grocery giants soon won't need to bother advertising on TV at all. {{COUNTERPOINT }}