Asda delivers a double whammy with identical cheapest baskets

Only three full baskets were checked in this week and Asda had two of them. Asda scored a double whammy with the West Bridgford and Chadderton stores having the cheapest basket at £37.80. Prices matched exactly although our Midlands shopper got a weightier frozen chicken. The same shopper got more than was bargained for at the checkout as items whizzed through so quickly that custard powder from the shopper behind was scanned.

Staff at Tesco, Newport, were so "on a high" and friendly that perhaps that was the reason for concentration to slip, causing apples and potatoes to go through uncharged. 

Safeway at Airdrie had its fair share of best buys, offering deep cuts on Dolmio pasta sauce, McCain Home Fries oven chips, Kleenex tissues and orange juice.

The St Ives Co-op's Anchor spreadable was a third cheaper than at the other stores.

The Sainsburys at Whitley Bay and Plymouth were offering 20% off all French wines, but were out of stock of Jacob's Creek. 

More evidence that Christmas isn't far away was seen at Asda, West Bridgford, where toys had been reduced in price and there were festive lines on every corner.