Linking bakeware to the home baking aisles is how canny retailers and suppliers can increase sales by tempting customers to buy twice as much. Sainsbury home baking buyer Kate Barham says: "In some stores we have included baking equipment in the home baking sector. "We can't assume everyone has a cake tin, so to encourage them to make that Christmas cake, there are bowls and Teflon products available." Tefal has just unveiled a patisserie range featuring a new non stick coating specially designed to make removing baked items and cleaning easier. It comprises pizza and Swiss roll trays, and bun and cake tins retailing from £3.99. Classic Housewares manufactures a wide range of bakeware from economy tinplate products to the highly anodised lines for the professionals. It too is keen to exploit the one stop shop trend and dual purchase. Marketing manager Rachel Burrows says: "In the grocery sector, it makes sense to have a selection of best selling lines rather than a full range. This would increase non food sales. "If it's not there, it's too easy for the customer to decide to make do with what they've got already." The company has recently developed two new ranges ­ Necessities, a one coat non stick bakeware retailing from 99p-£1.99, which is an upgrade of its Ultra 2 range which is being discontinued, and Results, a double coat non stick range retailing from £2.99-£9.99. {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}