Asda: Another year at the top

It&’s been a highly competitive year when it comes to price but Asda walks away with the accolade of being the cheapest supermarket for the ninth year in a row.
The award is good news for president Andy Bond. With Sainsbury&’s hot on Asda&’s heels and slashing prices in a bid to regain the number two spot in the market, the pressure is on Bond, who celebrates his first anniversary in the job this month. Heavy-handed tactics to squeeze more money from suppliers have not helped Asda&’s PR this year, especially when Bond is urging suppliers to give Asda more innovation and promotional ideas to help him inject excitement back into the market.
But when it comes to price, Asda has dominated The Grocer 33 table for the past 12 months, with the lowest priced shopping basket for 30 of the past 50 shops. Add in The Grocer 100 index and the retailer has been 6% cheaper than the industry average over the past year.
Customers have saved millions of pounds and, with plans to continue rolling back prices, Asda has proved it is top for value.