Sir; One cannot escape the continual whingeing and bleatings from the Nisas, Londis and Spars of this world, who are forever crying foul that Tesco or Sainsbury's terms or product offerings are superior to theirs. Well I'm sorry to have to tell you this, disgruntled symbol group gravy train riders, but the major multiples actually deliver what they agree to at meetings. They give manufacturers significant volume opportunities with which to plan their business, not a load of hot air about who will "probably" support certain activity, or who "might be" joining the group from their rivals next week. If I were an independent retailer considering who to pledge my allegiance to, I would be most unnerved by the ever increasing number of directors' car parking spaces and the amazingly exotic locations for those conferences. I have agreed deals with symbol groups only to find non-participation requests for returning trunkers of stock, apathy, and selling at above recommended prices. But I have agreed similar deals with the multiples and have quite simply sold huge quantities of product. This enables us to plan production to pass on economies of scale discounts with confidence. Get a real job, symbol groups, and cease your unrealistic ramblings. A national account manager {{LETTERS }}