Perhaps in anticipation of another hot weekend, demand for sausages meant there were none for the barbie at three stores this week. Asda at West Bridgford, Morrisons at Dukinfield and Sainsbury at Huntingdon had all run out of bangers. Other missing lines included large eggs at Somerfield, Plymstock, and at Tesco, Newport which also hadn't any milk and Dove soap. Only two shoppers checked in a full basket. Tesco at Kingston Park had the cheapest at £38.76 ­ 27p less than the Scottish Safeway. Tesco in Wales was unable to match the low bacon price its north east counterpart had, and at £2.99/300g was a hefty £1.50 more. While apples were pricier this week, with Asda having the cheapest ­ 44p/454g Granny Smiths ­ the majority of loose new potatoes had dropped in price. Again strawberries were our special buy. Last week's half price offer from Safeway was beaten by Sainsbury's punnet of English at 99p/454g. Best buys included the ongoing 25% extra free offer on Cadbury's Fruit & Nut at Morrisons, Sainsbury and Safeway, Somerfield's 37p off Anchor spreadable again, and Safeway's half price offer on McVitie's chocolate Homewheat. {{GROCER 33 }}