Most consumers do not care if Safeway is taken over by a rival - even though a merger would reduce their choice of supermarkets.

An exclusive survey of more than 1,000 people by TNS for The Grocer revealed 52% of consumers were not bothered about the outcome of the inquiry into the four companies wanting to take over Safeway.

More than one in four (27%) thought a rival should be allowed to buy the chain and just one in five (20%) thought it should not.

Asked which of the trade buyers they would prefer to take over the chain, consumers passed over City favourite Morrisons, which Cantor Index gives 5-2 odds, for Asda and Tesco, which clinched 28% and 24% of the vote respectively.

Surprisingly, opinions were more aligned on Bhs owner Philip Green: 53% of consumers said they thought it would be “a good thing” rather than “a bad thing” for the supermarket sector if Cantor’s 3-1 second favourite bought the chain.

The Competition Commission will today submit its findings to the DTI following a last minute meeting last week with Asda at which the multiple is believed to have proposed that Safeway be broken up between itself and Morrisons.

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