Why Nisa's merger plan with Costcutter is polarising views among its members
Depending on who you talk to, the merger of Nisa-Today's and Costcutter is either the best thing the independent sector has seen in years or a Faustian pact.

Those behind the deal are adamant the merged business will be able to compete more ­effectively against the major multiples as they boost their presence in the neighbourhood and convenience markets.

Critics are suspicious about the involvement of investment bank Kaupthing. They are ­worried about the debt being taken on by the new business and fear it will be more interested in making money than serving the interests of independent retailers and wholesalers. Others are speaking out against the packages ­being offered to management.

The challenge for Nisa-Today's directors is winning over the doubters, and that will depend on how well they put their case to members in the coming weeks.

As always, The Grocer will cover all aspects of the debate fairly. But hold on to your hats. It's going to be a bumpy ride.