Asda suppliers are used to outrageous demands. But the latest proposals, for magazine publishers, take ‘demanding’ to whole new levels.

In return for listings on its shelves, Asda is reportedly asking not just for a ton of new up-front payments, but that magazines include at least two pages of editorial about, er, Asda.

We’re pretty confident The Grocer can continue to get listings in Asda, on that basis, but whether the coverage is flattering is another matter with silly ideas like this.

It’s not the only outrageous call from Asda this week. Announcing Asda was once again cutting the price of fuel, a spokesman added: “Hopefully this time our competitors will follow suit.” We applaud the move. In Asda’s expensive investment, we see competition truly at work.

But on what grounds is it “hopeful”? True, consumers would benefit if all supermarkets followed suit in the same way. But wouldn’t Asda be better off, market-share wise, if rivals chose not to follow suit? Or is it merely flagging up that it wants rivals not to make any money on fuel either.