Anglia Co-op

Midlands and Anglia Co-ops will adopt a new name by the end of 2013

The enlarged society created following the merger of Midlands Co-op and Anglia Co-op has asked members to pick its new name.

The two societies announced plans to merge in September and were given the green light by members last week. Now, their 330,000 members are voting online for a new name in a survey dubbed ‘Together As One’. They have been given three names to choose from - Central England Co-operative, Alliance Co-operative and Community Co-operative.

The society said the new name would be adopted by the end of the year and would “signal the start of a new and exciting future for both businesses”.

A Midlands Co-op spokeswoman added that the shortlist of names had been drawn up “following a series of focus groups held with employees of both Midlands and Anglia Co-op”.

The enlarged society has a projected turnover of £1bn, 227 food stores under The Co-operative fascia across 16 counties and 500,000 weekly customers.

This week, Midlands Co-op said it was paying a dividend of 1p per point to more than 140, 000 of its members. “Midlands Co-op is in a strong position to continue further business development and growth, rewarding members with a dividend payout as well as offers and discounted shopping days throughout the year,” said the spokeswoman.

Fellow regional co-op Midcounties this week revealed it was paying out a record £1.5m interim dividend.