Nisa-Today’s has forged a buying alliance with Thresher Group as it aims to raise its profile in the off-licence sector and boost drinks sales.
The partnership incorporates 2,000 specialist off-licences operated by Thresher and 2,000 grocery off-licences supplied by Nisa-Today’s, constituting 7% of the total off-licence market.
The agreement relates to the purchase and supply of beer, spirits and soft drinks. Nisa-Today’s hopes the initiative will increase its buying power in those categories, enabling it to provide more competitive promotions and prices.
A Platinum promotonal programme will be launched specifically for the World Cup.
The companies said the agreement would help them pool ideas in areas such as category management.
Separately, Nisa-Today’s this week denied rumours that it was trying to recoup lost sales caused by teething problems at its new Scunthorpe depot by foisting promotional products on retailers in greater quantities than they could sell.
Nisa-Today’s said that the rumours probably related to efforts to ramp up promotions to compensate retailers hit by the problems at Scunthorpe.