With confectionery fever over for a few months, there has been some slight movement in the brand chart with the removal of stacked Easter eggs from the aisles.

However, Nestlé is safeguarding its place at the top of the chart with unrelenting, substantial cross-category activity, which also sees it topping the grocery category, a pattern with little sign of abating.

Cadbury's promotions have moved from chocolate eggs to chocolate biscuits with Fingers and Digestive variants on offer.

Kids' favourite Dairylea enters the charts, with promotions on Dunkers, Cheestrings and Triangles. McCain has also recorded new activity, with five variants promoted in four of the multiples.

As an assiduous promoter, Sainsbury leads in both brands and own labels. Its variety of lines under the Good for You and Taste the Difference sub brands aid the chilled category's position at the top of the own label table, Sainsbury accounting for 61% of total activity within the chilled sector, a far cry off nearest contender Tesco at 25%.