Sir; Sainsbury's reaction to research suggesting Asda shoppers are more loyal to their chain than Sainsbury's was to dismiss the findings as irrelevant and ambiguous (The Grocer, February 5, page 9). Harris International Marketing has interviewed more than 10 million shoppers over 33 years to become better informed to predict future trends. The heart of our research is to identify the share of total grocery store visits each chain attracts. Asda's share of average weekly grocery visits has been steadily closing on Sainsbury's, whose share has remained static for a number of years. Tesco continues to gain strength. Asda's share has been increasing in line with its shopper loyalty: the average Asda shopper now mentions more than six positive spontaneous reasons for choosing to shop there. Sainsbury shoppers cite fewer than five. Asda has a stronger hold' over its shoppers than Sainsbury ­ and notice there isn't a loyalty card in sight at the three chains with the highest brand strength'). How long will Sainsbury consider facts such as these irrelevant? Tom Fender Client Service Director {{LETTERS }}