from Ric Belfield, managing director, EMP

Sir; As someone who has been involved in retail TV media for five years, I was interested in your report about Tesco’s trials of instore media (The Grocer, July 26, p32). At EMP we have learnt some important lessons about how to make it work.

The proposition should be customer-focused, beginning and ending with the shopper in mind. There is an art behind
delivering the right message that is relevant at the right time.

Also, be aware shoppers don’t go out of their way to look at screens. There is a science behind screen sizing and location. It takes time, effort and application to get them in the right place and linked to the shopper’s mission.

Don’t put them everywhere and if it’s hard to persuade the merchandisers and store operators to give up the space you want, you are probably on the money with the location.

It is also important to check out the deal with the key brands. They understand the relationship between brands and shoppers.

Finally, communicate the implications of going into real time marketing for every aspect of the business, all the way back to the supplier.