Nisa is to launch a major new initiative that rewards members for using Nisa as its complete supply route. Under the new Members' Reward Scheme, participating retailers will have to source everything from central distribution. Where this is not possible, they will use a nominated supplier so that Nisa can handle the invoicing centrally. Weekly electronic ordering and strict compliance with Nisa's new online planograms will also be required to ensure product distribution for suppliers and a more efficient route to market. Describing the initiative as the "most significant development [at Nisa] in recent times", Nisa-Today's commercial director John Heagney said he expected between 600 and 800 stores owned by retailers in Nisa's 4Cs membership would join up. While membership was not compulsory, it would prove so significant in terms of top and bottom line growth that steering clear was "very short sighted" said Heagney. "We're announcing it now to give retailers time to prepare themselves before the official launch next spring. It's crucial that we become the total supply route for members." Suppliers generally welcomed the initiative if it would guarantee that their products got into stores and increased the discipline of the wider Nisa membership. {{NEWS }}