Somerfield's attempt to sharpen up its prices is finally paying dividends and winning back shoppers, figures from ACNielsen's Tradetrak reveal.

The data showed that Somerfield's tills had been ringing with an increase spend of £58.8m in its stores over the 12-week period to 9 September.

The total till spend for Tesco and Waitrose also rose by £57.4m and £12.5m, respectively, while Asda, Morrisons and Sainsbury all experienced a decline.

Asda's total till spend fell by £16.6m over the 12 weeks, while Morrisons' registered a drop of £11.6m. Sainsbury showed the largest level of decline, with shopper spend decreasing by £47.8m.

Tesco continues to storm ahead with a market share of 29.18% (up 0.9% on 2005) over the 12 weeks to 9 September, compared with Asda's 15.35% (down 0.3% on last year) and Sainsbury's 14.48% (up .1% on last year).

Somerfield's market share is up 0.2% on last year to 4.35%, while Morrisons is up 1.9% to 10.55%.