The company supplies Indian and oriental serveover recipes to Asda, Safeway and Morrisons. Nicholas adds: "Asda, the lead retailer in this area with nearly 40% share, now has serveovers in all stores and is expanding counters where space is available." Though the serveover concept is based on individual selection of chilled food from the counter, it is the ready to go meal bags that are driving growth. "Retailers are putting more of the most popular meal combinations into bags because their purchase is easier than queuing at the counter. It has resulted in an increase in penetration," says Nicholas. The market has also seen quality improvements in the past year which have also helped sales, says Nicholas. "We've improved our Indian range which has contributed to the 39% growth of the Indian serveover sector in the past year. We've also improved availability to take into account that sales rise towards the end of the week, when meals are bought as an indulgent treat." In common with deli counters, serveovers are prone to high wastage and need knowledgeable staff to advise customers. "Ready to go bags are the best means of overcoming wastage. They also prolong shelf life," says Nicholas. "We also have two dedicated trainers for constant customer staff training." {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}