Tesco has been praised by the TUC for a health and safety partnership with shopkeepers union Usdaw which has cut staff accidents and sickness. The multiple is the first retailer to sign up to the TUC's safety initiative which it joined last year in partnership with shopworkers' union Usdaw. Tesco is the largest of 20 major companies including Legal and General and waste contractor Sita to join the new TUC scheme in association with the union. The TUC is looking to sign up at least another 20 companies, large and small, this year from all sectors of the industry. Cavaghan & Gray, a division of Northern Foods, recently signed up through Usdaw. Tesco trading law and technical controller Stephen Edwards said: "Our approach to health and safety is to empower our people to take responsibility at all levels so they get involved and really feel they make a difference." Safety groups and staff forums were introduced at Tesco to raise awareness of potential health and safety trouble spots. Staff are now canvassed to see what they want on the agenda before meetings. And the supermarket is working on new till designs to reduce musculo-skeletal disorders with representatives of Usdaw on the design team. {{PEOPLE MOVES }}