from a Costcutter retailer

Sir; I feel extremely frustrated about PayPoint, because if someone comes into my store and pays £100 of electric, I actually lose money after the time it takes me to process the transaction and others like it.
What service elsewhere in the world would do that? There is increased customer footfall and I am taking over £10,000 per month in PayPoint transactions alone, but my commission is just over £100, which is nothing considering the time it takes to process all those transactions, plus customers then become disgruntled when they are stuck in a queue.
Sometimes I think PayPoint looks at it as if it is doing us a favour. The process is labour-intensive and the system takes up a lot of staff time when you are taking lots of payments. I believe that if we are doing a certain amount, PayPoint should give us something like an annual fee. Even Camelot gives us 5%.
You must also remember that we’re fronting PayPoint’s business for it. We are doing the work.