Asda has scooped this week's Top Store award for excellent availability levels and impeccable customer service.

The 32,000 sq ft Bridgwater store in Somerset provided our shopper with everything on her list. She described staff as friendly and helpful and said that when she asked for help, a member of staff took her directly to the item she was looking for.

The store was clean and tidy. There were a few packing trolleys blocking the aisles, but this was the only negative part of her shopping experience and shelf-stackers were attempting to move them from the customers' way.

Staff were in uniform and wearing name badges, which impressed our shopper, who said the store was well-merchandised.

The tills were busy but the checkout assistant still took the time to chat to our shopper as she processed the items. Help was offered with packing goods and the receipt was error-free.

Data from CACI indicates that Asda is the third most-suited store to the local demographic, behind Morrisons and Tesco.

Store manager Ray Jeans has worked at Asda Bridgwater since it opened in November 2004. He said that communication was the key to his store's success.

"I'm a believer in the basics and if colleagues understand the business in their own language then they can work towards the end goal," he said.