Sir, Since the formation of the Sainsbury’s Dairy Development Group two years ago, huge steps have been made which, if you had
asked us at the beginning, we would not have thought possible.

It is only because Sainsbury’s has been prepared to wipe the slate clean and both parties have opened their minds to this new beginning that mutual trust has been created.

Through the relationship built at the SDDG, Sainsbury’s understands that farmers have to have a viable, sustainable future in which they are confident to make longterm investment. This, in turn, will secure Sainsbury’s milk supply.

For their part, farmers have taken on board Sainsbury’s requirements in supplying milk produced with integrity, a key objective in all Sainsbury’s sourcing. SDDG members have gone through full carbon footprinting and have undertaken herd health plans – these are two examples of what we are doing to our mutual benefi t. The benefits to both parties are and can be substantial in the future.

We, the farmers, are delighted with the progress so far and are confi dent we can move forward in the same way.

Ben Jack, SDDG farmer group