UK-based fans of American snacks like Twinkies, Smuckers and Smores can now order treats direct from the US courtesy of a novel US rental address service launched by a UK delivery company.

The strength of the pound against the dollar means many goods are significantly cheaper in the US, but UK residents are often banned from buying from websites or stores based in America because of restrictive international shipping rules.

"Some 95% of US websites will not ship outside the US because of Customs bureaucracy," said Fil Adams-Mercer, founder of Parcel2Go. "UK customers will be able to use our warehouse in Miami as their 'address' in the US when buying from these sites. Parcel2Go will then arrange delivery."

The new service gives UK customers access to the entire US retail market, not just food. Users can buy any number of goods in a single transaction and it will be delivered in one package. They will pay a one-off yearly rent of £19.99 for the US address.

At the moment, although US treats are available from specialist UK-based websites, fans pay a premium. For example, a pack of 3 Musketeers chocolate bars retails for £5.49 on a popular UK American website compared with $5.31 at a US online store.