The Co-operative Group has revamped its Ultra range of laundry products, by adding Bio Liquid Sachets and introducing colourful packaging. The aim is to simplify the congested laundry care fixture, so pack designs have been streamlined. Solid backgrounds have replaced bands of colour and lifestyle photography has been added. The products' names are bolder in a bid to make it easier for shoppers to pick out their choice quickly. Product formulations have also been improved to give better cleaning results. The launch of Bio Sachets follows the chain's coup last February when it was first to market with branded liquid sachets, Brio Actipods. The Ultra range also features a biological formula for whiter whites, non-biological for gentle cleaning, colour for colour protection, and two in one for cleaning with softness and freshness. Each comes in powder, tablets and liquid formats in a range of sizes, with prices ranging from £1.75 for 16 tablets to £3.69 for a 2.43kg box of powder. {{P&P }}