Tesco may have trounced the competition with its £2bn+ profit, but it has scored a lowly 26% for its corporate social responsibility record in a league table of the world’s largest companies.
The ranking, based on performance in six areas - stakeholder engagement, governance, strategic intent, performance management, independent assurance and public disclosure - placed it behind Unilever.
The giant supplier topped the list of food and drink-related companies with 53%.
Carrefour scored 52% and Ahold 29%. Wal-Mart scored a paltry 6%.
Jon Woodhead, director of independent consultancy csrnetwork, which collated the table with AccountAbility, the institute of social and ethical accountability, said that Tesco’s Corporate Responsibility Review 03/04 had not been subject to independent assurance, which raised questions over both its accuracy and its comprehensiveness.
He said: “More than £7bn of Tesco’s sales are now outside the UK, yet its report covers only the UK in a systematic way.
“It employs thousands of staff in the UK alone and yet the report contains no information on the number of lost time accidents during the year or the amount of time lost through work-related ill-health.”