Union bosses have praised Morrisons for its treatment of store workers in the wake of its acquisition of Safeway.
The praise - from the Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers (Usdaw) - comes despite grumbling from disaffected employees on an internet forum for Morrisons workers. Several former Safeway workers have criticised Morrisons, claiming they felt pressurised into switching from their existing Safeway contracts to the new terms and conditions being offered by Morrisons.
However, a spokesman for Usdaw said that the union was not aware of any major grievances held by Morrisons’ employees.
And he added: “We don’t believe that any employee is being forced to move on to Morrisons contracts. It is entirely voluntary and individuals must decide for themselves which is best.”
He said Usdaw had a good agreement with Morrisons and that it believed the retailer was committed to making sure staff were happy at work by improving the overall working environment. “If anyone does have any concerns, we urge them to contact us,” he added.