Tesco's entry into the US market later this year will benefit its convenience operations worldwide, according to an IGD report.

It will be the first global retailer to operate all three IGD key convenience models - Western European, Japanese and American - according to Global Convenience Retailing.

"Tesco has been gaining the benefits of its international convenience business and has become very good at utilising best practices from around the world and applying them to other markets," said report author Adrian Williams.

"Opening in the US will prove that further."

Tesco had drawn on the European focus on fresh food for its US Fresh & Easy stores, but would also add impulse elements from the US model, said Williams.

Tesco's first UK-style Express store in Japan, after three years in the country, proved it had the ability to break down barriers. Urban convenience stores are more service-led in Japan, offering services such as bill payment and banking.

n In a bid to protect independents, Thailand's government is to introduce new laws to restrict the growth of foreign retailers. Tesco had voluntarily put a freeze on its c-store expansion in Thailand but lifted this suspension in February.