Energy drink V has a rush of new listings and a £4.5m marketing investment to shout about. The brand, which is owned by Frucor and distributed in the UK by Petty, Wood & Co, is being rolled out to Asda and Somerfield stores, as well as several new forecourt chains. A new TV campaign is due from June through to August, along with regional radio ads. Print ads in lifestyle and film magazines targeting 18 to 35 year olds, outdoor posters and viral e-mail activity will follow. Last year's campaign for V, which contains guarana and B vitamins, showed a fly shattering a car windscreen after drinking V. Marketing manager Darren Thomas said the new ads would make the product's daytime positioning more explicit. "The aim is to drive trial by people who aren't necessarily interested in night-time consumption or in mixing it with alcohol," he added. {{MARKETING - P&P }}