Value was top of the agenda for two industry bosses at this year's IGD annual conference. That's right. Chelsea fans Richard Baker of Asda and Bill Grimsey of Iceland are confused, if not furious, about the £11m signing of Frank Lampard in the summer. "For that money you could buy 100 million cans of SmartPrice baked beans," says Baker. It was pointed out later that the consumption of that amount of baked beans could lead to "apocalyptic farting" that would wipe out the human race. Still, that would be more fun that watching Chelsea. Apparently. Meanwhile, suppliers may be having a tough time with the supermarket price wars ­ but it's good to see they've kept their humour. Cue Bill Ronald, md of Mars Confectionery, who took the stage at the IGD convention without a jacket. "Like most suppliers I am buying my suits in instalments," Ronald said. "Luckily I managed to buy the trousers before the jacket." But how long before the retailers have the shirt off his back? The last laugh goes to Somerfield, which is trying to dance its way through efforts to restore the group's fortunes. Chairman John von Spreckelsen says corporate recovery is like doing the foxtrot ­ two steps forward, one step back. Little wonder his dancing partner, chief executive Alan Smith, says: "If you see us dancing the lambada you'll know we've cracked it." {{COUNTERPOINT }}