Vitamin-enriched flavourings aimed at adding interest to plain water will hit shelves in the new year diet period.

Each two-calorie O2Go pouch is enough to flavour 500ml of water and contains a blend of B vitamins and an antioxidant.

They come in Strawberry Splash, Lemon Citrus and Peach Dream flavours, as well as a mixed pack.

The product is similar to a Crystal Light line launched by Kraft Foods in the US last year, but its low calorie content and added vitamin benefits give it stronger health credentials.

Due to launch in Sainsbury's in January, followed by the Co-operative Group, Budgens, Spar and One Stop, a pack of three pouches has a 79p price tag or £1.99 for a pack of 10.

Manufacturer Santeau said O2Go would make drinking the recommended two litres of water a day easier and said that merchandising it next to the bottled water fixture would enable retailers to reclaim some of the revenue they lost by people refilling water bottles.