from David Stanhope, CEO, VoiteQ

Sir; Many see Radio Frequency Identification as the hottest technology on the block. Yet while the likes of Wal-Mart and Tesco are using it, the technology is not widespread.
Barriers to ubiquity for RFID include its relatively high cost. For most cost-conscious, small or medium-sized companies in the logistics or retail industry, RFID is just not cheap enough.
Most RFID readers are also not accurate enough to pick out one case from a pallet, something that voice-enabled technology devices have no problem doing. Voice-enabled ‘picking’ technology has been proven to improve productivity by an average of 15% for the companies using it.
The accuracy rate for recognising speech can be as high as 99.9%, which greatly reduces the number of errors.
In addition, voice technology can also help improve safety in warehouses because workers are able to keep their hands and eyes free.
RFID technology has huge potential, but if companies want to invest in better established and cost-effective technology with immediate benefits, voice enabled devices can deliver this today.