>>local produce popular with asda customers... media coverage boosts blueberry sales...

marketing manager for local produce, Asda
We are working hard to get locally grown produce into many of our stores. Strawberries are a case in point. Three years ago, just four stores in Kent sold locally grown strawberries; this year 70 stores around the country will.
Local produce is proving so successful that we are having to recruit more growers in some areas. Customers like it, because often they will know the farm - and the farmer - that produced the fruit.
We’ve had similar success with potatoes and tomatoes, but it’s a concept that only really works in areas where customers have some affinity with the countryside.
category manager for vegetables, salads and floral at Sainsbury
We’re encouraged that a large number of our customers - about 90% of them - now buy into fresh produce.
Products which are becoming popular are those with a clear-cut health message. There’s been a huge uptake of blueberries following favourable media coverage about their healthy qualities.
People respond to that sort of information. Less popular products tend to be those which are more difficult to prepare, such as whole swede.
Some 77% of all schools signed up to our Active Kids voucher scheme, which offered double vouchers on fresh produce.
Mary Ling
Tony Sullivan