>>nisa points to the strength of branded...co-0p says simplification of ranges important...

Nisaway category controller
The trend in this category is toward branded. Consumers prefer to purchase a branded product, as they know they are guaranteed good quality.
The issues the retailer is facing are choice versus space and retailer margin. Retailers should have a fixture specially for table sauces, dressings and condiments. By displaying the products clearly and neatly, and having them easily accessible customers will be more likely to make a purchase. Salad dressings can also be dual sited in the fresh vegetables/salad area.
Consumers are experimenting and buying more exotic and refined products.
category buyer, the Co-operative Group
The key category drivers, and those that have shown the greatest growth, are tomato ketchup where Heinz dominates, mayonnaise, a sector where the introduction of squeezy packaging is beginning to take a greater share, and extra virgin olive oil, where the increased offering of additional brands has proved successful.
As a major convenience store retailer, it is evident that simplification of in-store ranges is having a positive effect on sales and continued availability, and being flexible with space to accommodate seasonal changes will enhance the sauces & condiments offering in the future.
Peter Hindmarsh
Roger Marshall