>>interesting healthier and indulgent products perform well… celebration cakes have enjoyed double digit growth...

category marketing manager, biscuits, the Co-operative Group
The biscuit market is a mature category that is relatively static year-on-year and The Co-op holds a 5.7% share of trade - up from 5.4% on last year.
Trends within the biscuit category are centred on healthier products and more indulgent/treat type products with the majority of consumption taking place in the home, although more versatile snack-pack formats are enabling biscuits to be eaten out of home.
Traditionally, cereal bars were the healthier options, but now there are many competing healthier products in the category, as consumers are looking for snacks that are interesting to eat as well as good for you.
Asda cake buyer

The ambient cake market has grown in value over the past year. Exciting growth areas include kids and celebration cakes, which have enjoyed double-digit growth.
Cake is a product enjoyed all through the day and at almost every eating occasion, but some areas are growing particularly strongly, such as snacking, sharing and eat now/out of home.
Key opportunity areas in the category as a whole are kids, healthier eating, eat now and celebration.
A Cadbury-branded celebration cake has recently been launched - already one of the top five best-selling cakes in Asda - and, as a result, has brought new users into the celebration cakes category.
Kate Forbes
Karen Doran