Waitrose is putting up ­bigger signs and fittings to advertise deals in store and draw the eye of value-­hungry consumers.

The retailer, traditionally quiet about its offers, has decided to flag up promotions across its entire ­supermarket estate.

The changes, which were on show this week at the reopening of Waitrose's highest turnover store, in Canary Wharf, include bigger signs and wider promotional units at aisle ends.

Too often, offers were under the consumer radar, said Anthony Wysome, head of retail planning at Waitrose. Given the increased work the retailer had been doing on value and offers, the supermarket wanted to make them more visible, he said.

"We have more products on offer than ever before and needed the equipment and fittings to reflect that," he added.

The specific changes include using aisle ends more consistently to showcase products on promotion.

To encourage shoppers to stop, some gondola ends have been widened. Wysome said this tactic could be very effective but had to be used sparingly to avoid blockages at busy ­periods and prevent stores feeling cramped.

Waitrose has also changed its promotional signage, building new box-shaped signs on aisle ends that advertise on the sides as well as the front.

They were bigger and more prominently placed than the old ones, which were set back from the shelves, said Wysome.