Waitrose is further cashing in on its exclusive licensing deal with Duchy Originals by re-branding a raft of its Waitrose Organic products to Duchy Originals by Waitrose.

The retailer will start rolling out the new range from 2 August. It plans to add 200 new lines over the next three months and to increase the range to 400 products next year.

"Duchy Originals' products have always been firm favourites with our customers and we have the opportunity to develop the range into the definitive premium, sustainable British food brand," said Waitrose MD Mark Price.

Existing Waitrose Organic products added to the Duchy range would have their recipes altered and improved, but a spokeswoman stressed some lines would continue to be sold under the Waitrose Organic name.

The chain also unveiled its Christmas range. Hitting stores in October, it includes a Heston from Waitrose Hidden Orange Christmas Pudding (rsp: £13.99) containing a whole candied orange with edible skin, and Lapsang Souchong smoked salmon.

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