Waitrose in Newark and Tesco's branch in Norwich impressed our shoppers this week.
Both managed to provide full baskets of 33 items and both had just one item missing from our list of special purchases.
But the staff in Waitrose were singled out for high praise by our shopper ­ ensuring the store was our star performer this week.
As well as "helpful, friendly and polite" staff, the store was also praised for being clean, tidy and well merchandised.
In stark contrast, the Asda in Hulme got a massive thumbs down from our mystery shopper who was unimpressed by the fact the store had no visible country of origin labels on its fresh fruit and veg. That part of the store was also congested with packers, and only 12 out of 26 checkouts were open.
We got a bargain on eggs at Safeway as they went through at 67p even though they were priced at 78p. At Waitrose our shopper appears to have enjoyed less of a bargain ­ but that's because our shopper picked up a pack of free range eggs as opposed to the more usual Stonegate, which were also available.
Promotions on Stella Artois account for out-of-stocks on this brand. Somerfield's offer of two packs for £7 stripped its shelves bare, while Sainsbury was focusing on a promotional six-pack with free glass and 24-packs.