from Dennis Simpson, director, The Denby Dale Pie Co

Sir; We constantly hear much about how the major retailers are harsh and aggressive to suppliers. In particular, it is often implied that they abuse their position, particularly with regard to small local producers such as ourselves.
However, we have real-world experiences that are the total opposite of this and we are actually finding that major multiple retailers such as Asda are making every effort to help us develop our business.
We attended a very constructive and informative seminar with the Asda Local team last week, where they told us what they need, what helps their business and what sells for us both.
They then provided tools and
professional advice on how to attract the consumer and much of what they provide is free.
They appreciate our needs and also listen to how they can assist further.
When you are starting a new business, having a product’s position endorsed by a major food retailer is fantastic.