? "Tesco expected sales of $200,000 per Fresh & Easy store. This is about twice the sales per square foot that American supermarkets average."

Perishable Pundit: Jim Prevor

? "Most pundits did not "get" Trader Joe's and also most thought the Apple store was silly and narcissistic. So the more negative I hear the more stock I buy."

Retail Wire: Mike Tesler, president, Retail Concepts; Brain Trust panellist

? Budget-constrained shoppers who seek national brands will not be attracted by [the] superior prices.

Morning News Beat: Art Turock, president, Art Turock & Associates

? "After the critics quiet down, I'm sure we'll see $15 - $20 per square foot in more Tesco Fresh & Easy stores vs. $7-$10 per square foot in their competitors."

Retail Wire: Jim Lukens, vice president, DW Green Company

? "The success of Fresh & Easy will depend on whether consumers fall in love with its own-label sauces, its tiramisu, its refrigerated lasagne."

Perishable Pundit: Jim Prevor