Nisa is moving its e-procurement policy up a gear after last month's successful tie up with Barclays b2b on own label soft drinks (The Grocer, September 30, p5). Central Buying Company md Neil Turton is talking to Today's boss Rodney Hunt about extending the auction process to Nisa-Today's wholesale division. The next auction takes place this month at Nisachill, with several more in the pipeline across a wide range of product categories, said Turton. "Auctions are suitable for commoditised products and simple product categories where we are satisfied that several suppliers can meet our specifications." While e-tendering is not really suitable for brands, an obvious application would be promotional slots on premium branded lager, services such as utilities, and items like carrier bags, said Turton. Barclays b2b head of e-auctions Jonathan Spence said manufacturers would benefit from the transparency auctions bring to the buying process. If suppliers saw that their competitors were able to supply product at a significantly better price ­ or worse, below their own cost price ­ they would be spurred to look at their own procurement policies and perhaps consider hosting their own auctions to buy ingredients, said Spence. {{NEWS }}