Palmer & Harvey McLane has held its hands up and admitted it got things badly wrong in the wake of its acquisition of Booker Wholesale Foods 18 months ago. But, speaking exclusively to The Grocer, the wholesaler said it was now all systems go. P&H has signed up 56 new retailers across its Mace, Your Store and Supershop symbol operations in the last two months. Independent sales director Bill Ellis said: "We had a bad spell. We were not in touch with the needs of our customers in terms of service, ranging or promotions, so we changed our structure to suit their requirements. We repositioned half our sales force into business development and recruitment, and we improved our telesale function. "We created an integrated package with tailored deals for each of our three groups, plus an additional package for non-affiliates. "And we introduced a discount scheme and boosted the number of bogofs in our promotional programme, provided more leaflets for door to door drops and offered a free on-loan bake-off package." Ellis said symbol trading worked on the leaking bucket syndrome' ­ meaning there would always be losses and gains. "The key is to ensure that the new recruits outnumber those who leave and to provide them with a package to meet their every need." Ellis said the new approach had led to stores in the £6,000 to £10,000 a week category achieving weekly sales increases ranging from £800 to £1,500. {{NEWS }}