After problems with mice the week before (The Grocer, April 7, p12) which closed the Prussia Street Tesco store in Dublin for two days, it has been shut down again for a further day because of cat trouble. The 90-strong staff of the outlet refused to work on health grounds, after discovering that a stray cat had got into the premises and urinated on several packages in the food storage area at the rear of the store. They locked themselves inside for the day in protest, claiming they were doing so to protect their own health and that of customers. This was just a week after the two-day store closure ordered by health officers because of the mice infestation. After a day of talks involving management, health staff and officials of Mandate, the shopworkers' union, a return to work was agreed. As part of the agreement, all the contaminated packages were removed and destroyed, and pest control staff were brought in to deal with the stray cat. Tesco spokesman Dermot Breen insisted the cat had not been in contact with food inside the store, and that the protest was "an industrial relations issue, not a public health issue". The store, he said, had been given the all-clear by the health inspectors. Suggestions that Tesco should introduce a dog to scare off the cat have been poo-pooed. {{COUNTERPOINT }}