Imagine the scene. Hundreds of dead-eyed shambling terrors, ashen of skin and gaping of jaw. The air thick with the hopeless groans of the damned, insatiable in their hunger for easy flesh. Chavs, eh?

And Morrisons was on the brink of an even more dramatic invasion when its empty Tunbridge Wells site was lined up as a movie set for upcoming zombie blockbuster World War Z, featuring Brad Pitt as a United Nations official ­battling the z-pocalypse.

However, events took a twist when a publicist for the film said production wouldn't be going ahead in Tunbridge Wells after all with filming moving to Glasgow (insert your own joke here about ghastly inhuman creatures feasting on anything in sight).

Morrisons, for its part, is still dreaming of Hollywood. "As far as we are concerned, we still think it's going ahead," a spokesman told the Kent & Sussex Courier, perhaps having mistaken regular shoppers for the legions of the ­walking dead.

Either way, don't expect to see Pitt donning a Morrisons uniform in his new role. While Morrisons is rightly proud of its fresh credentials, serving still-warm brains in their cranial casings is surely taking the concept a bit far.