The Sainsbury's store in Kirkintilloch, Glasgow, bagged our Top Store award this week by ticking every box on our mystery shopper's list.

Not only did it provide a full basket but staff were helpful and went the extra mile by spending time with our shopper to help find promotions.

The store was clean and tidy with attractive displays and was well-merchandised. He said it was free of packing trolleys, meaning he could move freely around the shop floor.

He also noticed a good number of promotions in store, including a two-bottles-for-£2 offer on Radox Herbal Bath.

Our mystery shopper only spent one minute queuing at the check-out and said there was a sufficient number of checkouts open for the number of shoppers in-store.

Store manager Brian Paton has been in charge of the 23,500 sq ft store for nine months and said that winning the Top Store award was an achievement for all members of staff.

"There are no individuals at this store - it's all team work," he said. "Successes like this one are down to everyone."

According to CACI data the store is in an area more suited to an Asda store, with 31% of the population being wealthy achievers.

Twenty-seven per cent of those living in the catchment area fit the profile of a typical Sainsbury's shopper, the figures suggest.