THE BOSS ­ Colin Dyer THE BASE ­ Virginia THE FOCUS ­ Downstream CASHFLOW ­ Next year, we'll be fully funded by subscriptions' KEY MEMBERS ­ Tesco, Ahold, Safeway Inc PROGRESS ­ More than 80% of our members have used our services. The functionality is there. Now we are in the adoption phase' THE TOOLS ­ E-procurement: auctions, collaborative purchasing for members to pool buying power, surplus goods exchange to liquidate excess stock for retailers and manufacturers. Request tools for information, quotes, etc Catalogue: Contains more than 2.5 million items so far and search, selection and ordering tools. Retailers using it to order indirect goods now CPD: Online collaborative product development. Has one major US customer Supply chain: 12 members using cpfr tools. Also logistics services, product tracking, plus tools to calculate documents, taxes, and costs of transporting goods across borders ­ Tesco a big fan {{FEATURES }}